Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you use up all the glue on purpose!

The other night we were leaving to go to dinner at Ricardo's, which is a quirky Mexican restaurant that we frequent. Really frequent. Their frijoles enteros are like the crack cocaine, if crack were perfectly firm on the outside with a smooth, creamy center. I can't speak to that. And their chili verde! Glagulagalaaaa (sound of drooling with tongue hanging out).

Anyway, we walked outside and Edna started just shouting at us. BAAAAA! BAAAAA! BAAAAA! She's always been more loquacious than Traci, but darnit, it's so nice to have both of them back there, even if Edna is a bossypants. I went out to help Captain America re-up their hay, and hugged and scratched them like crazy. I missed them so much. They are all fat and bushy in their winter coats and seem to be putting on weight like good little mamas. Captain America has been much better about not stiffing them in the food department--I think he does feel responsible for their well-being to a large degree. And all we had to do was bloat Finola to get here!

Have you read that story by Pearl S. Buck about the boy who gets up early on Christmas and does all the chores for his father? Every time it makes me cry. Probably because animals are involved. I was way more worked up about the leopard eating the baby gorilla than about Tarzan's parents. I know that we always have a good time getting up on Christmas morning and doing the chores together, so if you want your family to be close and loving you should probably get some goats and chickens. I think the goats are the most important part. A cow wouldn't hurt, either.


highdeekay said...

I totally know what you mean! I get up and feed the fish, hubby, and kid (as in human kid not goat kid). That makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

All8 said...

I heartily second that. Wait, you mean your kids help out in the barn? With the Animals??? I can't even get ours to help in our "barn" (house) without bribery and/or threats.

Merry Christmas!