Tuesday, December 29, 2009

remember the hippity hop? that was such a great toy

A girl--college-age--in our ward told me on Sunday that:
1. she loved my coat
2. she wanted to trade me outfits

See how stylish I am? I'm totally a funky mom. I refused to trade because she looked cold. Also because I liked my outfit a lot that day. Russian spy coat, yellowish leather boots, moss green cable knit nylons, navy blue dress with a magenta elbow-sleeve top over it. I looked crazy, but in an awesome sort of way. I try to keep people guessing with a sartorial melange of hippie, sexy secretary, lady who lunches and rodeo queen. That way I can carry off more looks, because no matter what I wear, people say, "It figures." It's a strategy.

Tomorrow my sister Troy and I are going shopping and I intend to find a pea coat.

I saw a guy wearing Birkenstocks yesterday! In the snow! What is wrong with people? He'll catch his death of cold.


tipsybaker said...

No photograph? I need to see a photograph, particularly of the tights-boots color combination.
Also, what is a Russian spy coat? Or is that just how you describe the type of coat you were wearing?
You need to see Coco Before Chanel.