Saturday, December 19, 2009

so angry about song lyrics

Oh, I forgot to say--I always switch the station when that LAME "Fireflies" song comes on, so I don't know the lyrics, but the other day I was going through the rotation and heard some of the song, and did you know there's a part where he says he'll get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs? DID YOU? Did you know that the lyrics to that song have the power to make your TESTICLES RETRACT?

I HATE THAT SONG. So much more than I thought possible. I knew it was sucky, but then? BAM, second encore! WHAT A TERRIBLE SONG THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA.


Jenny said...

Oh dear. This is actually Landon's most favorite song. And I really quite like it too. Richard and I were a little alarmed that you have testicles though. BTW- its a good thing we didn't go out on Friday night because Emma got the flu and spent the evening barfing:(

All8 said...

If it'll stop menses then I'm all over, otherwise, no idea what you're talking about.

Layne said...

Jenny--music is one area in our marriage where I absolutely wear the testicles.