Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what I imagine a class reunion would be like

Some of the things I did not like about our activity last night:
1. Plowing through herds of people on Temple Square.
2. Waiting forever for the train and finding out that it was already full to capacity.
3. Waiting in a line to get into the stadium.
4. Waiting for the free Jazz and Buzz tickets until they ran out and we didn't even get any.
5. Having The Hulk get yelled at by the lady in front of us because he kept kicking her friend's seat after she had twice asked him nicely to stop, but the seats are crammed together so tight and he has such long legs he couldn't help it.
6. The red pepper on my salad that tasted like lion poop.
7. Having my children run away repeatedly the entire evening.
8. Doing something I had no interest in.

Some of the things I did like about our activity last night:
1. Walking around Salt Lake.
2. The orange lighted trees next to the Assembly Hall.
3. Not having to eat free hot dogs and sodas and getting a sort of real meal instead.
4. Singing with my kids.
5. Wearing my spy coat.
6. Going to Gourmandise and buying a Peach and a Sable Citron.
7. Telling Captain America that the reason it's called Energy Solutions Arena instead of the Delta Center is because Energy Solutions wanted some good PR and bought the arena so they could try to put in people's minds another association with their company name besides the fact that they truck nuclear waste into Utah against our wishes.
8. Having fun even if I did think it was kind of a stupid idea.


Jill said...

We were going to go to that, but we stayed home and made another Chuck video instead. :-)

Layne said...

Post it!