Friday, January 8, 2010

bedroom wallpaper: good riddance

The wallpaper is gone. Now if I only had some primer that hadn't been frozen I could get to the more rewarding part of this project. Here is the view from my bed (which bed will soon be painted gray):
You see that I decided to lose the paper from all four walls. I think it's best this way, and it came off lickety-split, so there were no curse words said or thought that wouldn't have already been said or thought about the sociopaths who invented wallpaper.

Along the top of the walls all around the room is a tole-painted detail that I am not sorry to paint over.
Here is a close-up:
Ruth was very artistic and ahead of her time, but tole-painted furbelows are thankfully consigned to the dustheap along with themed kitchen decor.

Yesterday in an attempt to get dinner taken care of early in the day and leave the rest of the day open for scraping and swearing I cooked a roast that a neighbor had given us last year while casting aspersions on its quality. I barded it, since it came without any fat, and hoped for the best.
Once it was cooked, we sat down to try it out . . .
Me: That meat tastes like it's gone bad. Don't eat any more of it.
Superman: But it has lots of things I like!
Me: Do you like throwing up for a long time?
Superman: No.
Me: Then you'd better stop eating it.

We ate cold cereal for dinner.


tipsybaker said...

Your neighbor gave you a spoiled roast? What was the occasion?
I am impressed at your industry. That wallpaper-scraping looks like a hard job.

Jill said...

lol...that was a funny conversation! Good call on pulling the plug on the feast. It's hard to scrape wall paper when you can't leave the toilet!

Claire said...

I hate when I go to all the work to make dinner and we end up eating cereal. It makes me not want to cook anymore. You have a lot of ambition! I HATE HATE HATE scraping off wallpaper.