Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bedroom wallpaper: the reckoning

You know how permeable leather is, right? How when a cow is out in the rain, before long her guts are sloshing all around in a gutwater soup? And the gutwater soup leaks down through her permeable leather stomach out onto the ground? No? Not permeable, you say?
Well, wallpaper, especially the wallpaper in my house, is like leather. You have to soak it and soak it and soak it again with a water and vinegar solution before you can make any headway. So you might want to try an acid the next time you're trying to get at a cow's insides without using one of the prefab points of ingress.
After you've soaked the wallpaper two or three times with your spray bottle (because the vinegar ate through the nozzle in your two-gallon yard sprayer because you didn't rinse it out, lazy dummy) you can scrape away at it ever so carefully, and it just comes away in stupid little shreds that make you so mad.
So when you finally get a strip to come off that can be seen without the aid of an electron microscope you feel almost giddy.
Look how it begins to flourish!
And two hours later you have this!

Only sixteen to twenty more hours to go and the wallpaper will be gone!


Suzy said...

A lady in our ward hired someone to take wallpaper off in her home. My friend had spent hours trying to get it off, and the lady sprayed it with stuff, and it just came right off. My friend asked the lady she was spraying, and (I think I remember correctly) the lady said it was a mixture of Downy and water. Sorry, I don't remember the proportions. HOpe this helps somehow. Good luck. Suzy

Layne said...

Thanks, Suzy--I'll try that, because this nonsense is getting old.

All8 said...

We have wallpaper too but (thankfully) the walls have a sandpaper like texture (think 220 like grit), so the wallpaper peels off at will. DH's friend does finish carpentry and he recommends something to score the paper with (I don't know the name of the tool). Then there's an enzyme that you "paint" on which helps soften/break-up the glue that holds vinyl type wallpapers, but scoring it first is key.

I don't know if scoring would help the vinegar/water solution to work or not, but I'd give it a try too.

Good Luck!

Matt and Emily said...

You are crazy to go into another wallpaper project knowing what it entails and still start it anyway! I think you should make getting the wallpaper off your only new years resolution because it probably really won't take you a whole year but at least when you feel like a year of your life has passed you by you'll feel all accomplished and such.