Monday, January 4, 2010

fix it

One of the things we did at our New Year's Eve party was write resolutions. Let me set the scene for you: Dave went to my parents' house at about 9:30 to go to bed and left Aleece here to finish the party. Justine and her date left at about 10, probably to hang out with people who weren't Justine's stodgy married sisters. That left Aleece, Claire and Nate, and John and me. Aleece and John were both obstinate killjoys and complained loudly about being made to write down their resolutions, so their privileges were revoked. So Nate and Claire and I were the only people who participated, which is why Nate and Claire will inherit my millions once I pass from this life.

I used to just write resolutions because that's what everybody at my parents' party was doing (no friends my age, meow!), and once the paper was folded and the envelope sealed I promptly cast them from before my sight. Then one year I set a more studied and introspective goal than "fix everything I'm doing wrong"--I wanted to learn to make a really good loaf of whole wheat bread, and I wanted to befriend someone new. Nailed it! Plus, the girl I made friends with had a recipe for tomato dill bread that you can't even imagine. Bonus!

I feel good about my resolutions this year; they're challenging, but not dauntingly so. Reading the things I'm supposed to, being nice to people, doing my exercise, that sort of thing. I think I'll improve as a person, which is why we're here, after all.

By the way, if you love apples like I love apples, you'll also love this site that edumacates you about the myriad varieties of them. It tells you the parentage of each variety, which would have been very helpful to me on Christmas Eve, and might have prevented me from purchasing the dread Sonya (parents: Gala and Red Delicious, boo), which tastes like a banana--fun--but is soft, mealy, mushy and all too much like its hated Red Horrid parent--not fun, die die die. There is no reason for a supermarket Red Delicious with its aspirin peel and bland spongy interior to exist.

To sum up: what are your goals? To eat more apples, perhaps?


highdeekay said...

Kinda pathetic but my goals are to have fruit with breakfast, veggies with lunch and dinner (2 at dinner) with at least one being raw. Oh, and to exercise and read the BofM at least 15 minutes a day. Pathetic, not because these aren't worthy goals, but pathetic because I should have made these things habits long ago...

All8 said...

I usually don't make resolutions, I keep forgetting or I lose the list.

I do love apples. Thanks for the link. And you're right, not even Gala could rescue that sand in a red leather bag, otherwise known as "Red Delicious". UGH, I hate faux fruits!

Jill said...

We just set some goals this evening for FHE. I'm with Heidi in that my goal is to read the BOM every day and I too feel sheepish that it's not already an established habit. But, by cracky, (no punn intended) 2010 will make me a hungerer and thirsterer of that book if it's the last thing it does!!!

I think I will also steal your idea of making a new friend. I really like that one.

Good luck to us all. :-)