Tuesday, January 19, 2010

if nothing else, I will get the drapes hemmed

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I regret to inform you that I did not promote non-violent social change in any way other than by tubing and playing foosball. My children promoted violent social change when they whitewashed each other and Captain America head-butted The Hulk, giving him a goose egg. I may have promoted pacifism and conflict avoidance by bailing on our tube ride and leaving Aleece to suffer the wrath of the straight downward drop by herself.

We had a good time on our mini vacation provided generously by my parents, and delved only shallowly into such controversial topics as farming, unworthy boyfriends, and the perceived inclusion of garlic in everything I make. We almost came to blows about our differing beliefs regarding appropriate thickness of sugar cookies, though. All I know is, it's really hard to fit a 2:1 frosting to cookie ratio if you have a big fat cookie, and that's like the entire reason to even eat a sugar cookie. Thin and crispy forever!

The kids have been sent home from school because of a snowstorm-induced power outage, so we're going to have a relaxing day of sitting around thinking about the chores we should be doing. I think it's got to be chili for lunch and dinner. And spoon bread, which I will be left to eat on my own.


tipsybaker said...

Thick and soft -- no. Thin and crispy is good, but so is medium and chewy. It's nice when a batch contains some of each.
I want some spoonbread.