Friday, January 29, 2010

my experiment in making tamales

As you can imagine, making tamales by myself took a coon's age, and I probably should have checked the cooking time and started earlier. My family is used to eating between 5 and 5:30, so by 6:30 they were self-mutilating and cannibalizing.

I have all this ground beef, like I said, so I have to come up with a variety of applications for it to prevent mutiny, because a little bit of hamburger goes a long way. I thought a ground beef tamale filling would be just as good as shredded beef, because I have yet to eat a shredded beef tamale that isn't powerfully dry. Even my cherished Ricardo's has problems in that area. I bought corn husks and everything, because I am way authentic, and for "authentic," read "too ignorant of Mexican cuisine to know if the corn husks can be swapped."

The masa, which looks dry and gross, but is instead soft and moist like fluffy mashed potatoes. In my opinion, here is where the major failure/success of the tamale occurs. A dry masa is the very worst thing and makes magpies eat the eyeballs of kittens.

Spreading the masa onto the corn husk.

Spreading the filling onto the masa.

Tying the tamale.

Putting the tamale in the steamer.

Tamales in the steamer basket--counting tamales and spinach, that's two uses I've found for it!

Nine years later, the tamales were done and we got to eat them, along with some (crappy homemade so mad why can't I find a good recipe) chili verde, guacamole and sauteed cabbage. So colorful!

And here's my manky flan that tastes better than it looks.

This meal was a thundering success--everyone except The Hulk raved about the tamales, and Captain America ate four pieces of flan. I love it when food turns out better than you hoped.


highdeekay said...

ok, so did you use lard or what? I love tamales but don't they have a ton of crisco (or lard) in the masa? Just asking...

Layne said...

Yes, they have lard in them,but I have no objection to animal fats.

Brittany Andrus said...

Hey Layne Im thinking I really need that pizza dough recipe from you!!! it was delicious!

Melissa Cunningham said...

Hello little Laynie! I gave you The Lovely Blog Award! Come by and pick it up!