Monday, January 25, 2010

now I know what an endorheic lake is

Ground beef. Did you know that when you buy beef by the quarter or side that a goodly most of it ends up in ground beef? I did. That's why my parents don't buy beef that way anymore. They have reached the stage of life in which they can go to the butcher and buy only ribeyes, if they get a mind to. Lacking my parents' disposable income, I choose to cut costs by buying in bulk. Remember that picture I took of our freezer filled with beef? This one?
Well, the bottom two shelves are all ground beef. I'm making tamales with ground beef filling this week, so we can keep John's body composition at 70% water/30% Mexican food.


Jill said...

lol at the %30 Mexican Food.

PS I am VERY disappointed that you haven't made me some Mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this was obviously in response to your next post...but hey, ...since I was here.:-)

Layne said...

Jill, I would write a religious poem for you to tell you how sorry I am that I haven't made you Mexican food, but I would be afraid of being smitten.