Saturday, January 2, 2010

there's a place we long remember, nestled 'neath these mountains tall

Reasons I love living here:
We had a snowstorm the other day that didn't bury us, but it was enough to block in our mailbox and John's car. We were out merrily shoveling, since the mail individual refuses to engage with our box if there is the slightest skiff of snow in front of it, and a neighbor of ours came past with his plow and scooted all the snow right out of the way. It would have taken us at least another hour to do it on our own, so we were grateful. This morning John ran up to Lainie's store to buy some emergency French toast bread (it's got to be challah or cheap white to get the best custardy texture) and Lainie handed him this booklet that she had stapled and highlighted for us to make sure we got our kids signed up for soccer, since we have missed the registration date many a time.
I stopped at the Honey Jar to get a beeswax lotion bar and a pint of Bear Lake honey, and Peggy gave us a doll crib that her son had found at one of the apartments he rents out.

Reasons I don't love living here:
I've mentioned the wad of stray cats that are squatting in our garage, right? This afternoon we were leaving to go bowling with my family and John suddenly said, "Shh! What's that noise? Why does the car sound like that?" He turned off the engine and we heard this sullen "Rrroooowwwwwrrrrr . . . rrrrooooowwwwrrr" sound. I exclaimed, "It's a cat!" We popped the hood and found the beast all tangled up in the fan belt, so John had to get a bean pole and poke it out of the engine. It ran off much the worse for wear with a nasty mangled leg, leaving a gobbet of fur and possibly tissue (I didn't explore beyond taking a photo) on the driveway, and we got to tow our car to the mechanic. We're hoping he will relate his extremely poor choice to the rest of the cats, so we can avoid it happening again this winter.


All8 said...

Sounds like it's time for a gunny sack, if ya get my meaning...

That cradle is darling! What a find.

Before I choose A/C or whatnot, how hot does it get where you live?

Layne said...

We average about eight days over 100 a year, and have a good few days of over 90. It's so arid here that a swamp cooler is fairly effective, but when it gets that hot it's really hard to stay on top of it.