Thursday, January 7, 2010

which lazy man's way out will get me a prettier room?

You should see the embarrassing garbage I've been feeding my family the last three days. But I feel justified, because even my mom who manages her time wisely thinks that it's hard to get a project done AND cook.

I have three walls mostly done, and now I've reached a decision point. I really like the gold damask wallpaper on the ceiling and one wall of my bedroom, and was thinking of keeping it. But a few years ago in a fit of shortsightedness I tore a section of the damask wallpaper out of the corner. I can put up chair railing and do a two-tone sort of thing with the top half of the walls one color on three walls and damask on the fourth, and the bottom half of the walls all one color. Maybe that would look stupid. And which is more work, taking down another wall of paper, or putting up chair railing? I think maybe the chair railing. I am pretty set on keeping the wallpaper on the ceiling, though. It's so unique.

I think I'll see how difficult the damask is to get off and make my decision.


Jill said...

Just hang a family picture in the corner. I don't think that would look werid at ALL.

Can't wait to see pictures!

PS I like chair rail as a covering!