Thursday, January 14, 2010

why are you wasting my time with banjo kazooie?

Okay, here's the thing about James Bond vs. Jason Bourne. We don't need to get into the Freudian reasons for why I might find these particular characters so compelling. I think we can simply agree that though Bond is very suave, mano a mano he would lose to Bourne, because he is too reliant on gadgetry. In general Bourne is more improvisational and can adapt to his surroundings and use them to his benefit. Now, this analysis breaks down somewhat when one examines specific Bonds. I think a Sean Connery/Timothy Dalton Bond would be a far more formidable opponent for Bourne than a Roger Moore/Pierce Brosnan Bond. And Daniel Craig, being a post-Bourne Bond, would therefore probably be the greatest challenge. I have no opinion regarding Poor George Lazenby, Child of Tragedy.

Why is there no video game for this?

As John so succintly put it just now, "Can Bond's charm and flim-flam machine overcome Bourne's sheer killing power? Because Bourne can do like fifty damage."


tipsybaker said...

What I love about this blog is how one minute it's all Food, Inc. hand-wringing and the next it's Bourne v. Bond. And then there's the wallpaper.
Bourne wins!!! He's a tightly coiled ball of destruction who doesn't have time to smile, let alone drink a martini. Bourne meets Bond after cocktail hour? Forget it.

Amy said...

This was the show that inspired a gal in my ward to form a meat co-op with her neighbors so we can purchase grass-fed beef and whole chickens from a local farmer. See, there is still some good in the world.

Jill said...

I think Bourne is cuter...isn't that all that matters?