Monday, February 22, 2010

england swings like a pendulum do

Do you remember what I said about bubble tea? (Reading audience: "Yes, of course we do, Layne. We commit your every word to memory.") Well, for those of you who did not hear and do not follow my Twitter feed that got pretty obsessive about bubble tea a few weeks ago: I LOVE IT. It is the perfect drink for people who like unflavored gummy bears at the bottom of their glass. In other words, EVERYONE.

I think I usually get milk tea, but the tea is optional. You want to know how to make one, don't you? Well, you're in luck. Learning begins now.
1. Cook some pearl tapioca.
2. Make a smoothie.
3. Put the tapioca at the bottom of the smoothie.
4. You win!

Here, I will show you the ease with which this occurs. Here is my pearl tapioca:
And here is what it looks like after it's cooked:
John says, "That is a sick bunch of junk right there." Don't listen to him. He doesn't know what he's talking about. They may remind some people of a Coke can full of loogies, but that does not mean they're gross.

Here's what ours looked like after it was all mixed:
I made what was basically a chocolate banana coconut shake and called it a day. John, despite his avowed loathing of coconut and all its dark works, slurped it down like a pig at a trough. So did the rest of us! It was milkshakes for dinner, dur.


All8 said...

See, that's how you just keep pulling me back here. Pictures of tar based Coke Loogies. Can't beat that. ;)

Claire said...

That looks interesting. So I made that carbonara tonight and I panicked and only put in 3 garlic cloves because I thought 8-12 sounded outrageous but I think you can put in that much garlic and it would've probably turned out a little better. It was still good, though.

Sarah said...

The loogies are cool'n all, but seriously?! John ate something containing coconut?! I am in awe.