Friday, February 26, 2010

mine is already a sapling

"So if you eat spaghetti, all covered with cheese, hold onto your meatballs and don't ever sneeze."

You just got done telling us how your sneezy meatball grew from a puddle of moosh into a tree that grew meatballs with tomato sauce. So tell me why on earth would you advise us not to sneeze on our own meatballs and grow our own trees? Is it because you want a meatball tree monopoly? Well, maybe you shouldn't have revealed your secret process in song form, you selfish moron.


Mike B said...

I agree...and have you also thought about the fact that once planted, it only took till early next summer for the tree to bloom and produce those lovely meat balls. We're talking almost instant gratification. I guess the only down side would be marketing...I mean would YOU by a product that was originated from phlem? You'd have to do some really tiny fine print. "This product was made in a tree that may contain nuts and snot"

Mike B said...

that was jill not Mike...Mike doesn't condone the eating of boogies at ALL.

Layne said...

Jill, I just laughed out loud at the "this product was made in" bit. That is some good stuff right there.