Thursday, February 18, 2010

of watching other people be physically active

We watched some Olympics last night so that our kids would be grumpy malcontents this morning (nailed it!). It's so seldom that you see good things happening to rich white kids that it's surely remarkable for its rarity. Kidding! I teared up when Lindsey Vonn won her gold medal, because I'm totally a patriot! No worries, government! All the same, Wilma Rudolph they ain't.

We did have a good time watching it, though. Could you believe how high into the air Shaun White went? Like he had a rocket pack in his trompe l'oeil underwear pants. And I was thankful that he looked slightly less like Carrot Top's little sister than in his publicity photos. Also: is it just me, or are snowboarders all sort of hobbity?

Would you like to know more about Wilma Rudolph? She makes me cry, if you can believe it (the reading audience: "We can."). Here you go! Thanks, Wikipedia. The story that introduced me to Wilma Rudolph is called Wilma Unlimited, which can also be found in You Read to Me and I'll Read to You, a book I heartily endorse, as it also includes The Tomten.

She won three gold medals, you guys! On a sprained ankle! And she couldn't walk normally until she was twelve! She had polio and all manner of diseases! She's way inspiring!


Melissa Cunningham said...

Loved the post. We watched Olympics too. In fact, I watch it every day. I love the Olympics and yes, I watched both Shawn and Vonn's runs. Fantastic. It just goes to show that if you have a dream, and you never give up, never quit, you can make it happen.

Jill said...

sigh....if only I weren't back stage at Aladdin rehearsals telling kids to "SHUT IT"...I too may be tearing up while watching the Olympics...:-(

Thanks for helping me know what I am missing. ;)