Thursday, March 25, 2010

but what will I wear when I go to the rodeo?

You guys! I need help. I almost bought a slouchy straw cowboy hat today (yes it WAS a Stetson, if you must know), but it was the wrong size, and it gave me time to think about it. Am I losing my marbles? Remember how I am about rhinestone cowboys? But I looked RAD in it. We were there picking up our head lamps for nighttime chores, and I just happened to pass the hat department (shelf). I feel like they're sort of tacky and for rednecks/poseurs, but I refer you to the aforementioned radness.

Maybe I SHOULD buy it, so I can diversify my anemic hat collection, currently consisting of a felt fedora and a free promotional Case IH ball cap my dad gave me, which I am wearing right now because I have dirty hair and the cap is quite fetching.

I don't want to entrench myself in a specific appearance theme, and if I accidentally do, I CERTAINLY don't want that theme to be "dirt farming hillbilly." I will accept the occasional excursions into "gentrified hillbilly," though. Plus when we went to Wynton Marsalis last summer there was a couple in front of us who shared their picnic with us (nice!), and one of the girls was wearing a slouchy straw hat, and she looked super cute in it. Plus they were eating both Humboldt Fog and Morbier, so . . . clearly people of sound judgment and good taste.

Vote! Should I buy a slouchy straw hat? Or give it up as tacky/dated/stupid?

Oh! I forgot that we also have this hat. I guess I don't need any more hats after all.


Mike B said...

I am NOT just saying this because you are my friend and I want to support what I think you really want...but I LOVE slouchy straw hats. I also think you inparticular could pull it off well. I see you wearing it for chores, but I also see you in your skinny jeans, boots, AND hat going out on errands or out on a hot date with your hubby. :-) Buy it!

Mike B said...

obviously the last comment was from Jill B, not her metrosexual husband.

I laughed hard at your photo at the end. So did your husband.