Tuesday, March 23, 2010

revolting food

This Jamie Oliver show is killing me, it's so hilarious. It's heavy-handed and preachy and won't-somebody-think-of-the-children, and his emotional breakdown about following his heart was terrific! But it does a good job of highlighting what a mess we're in. I'm looking forward to watching some more of it and hopefully seeing people take charge.


All8 said...

I'm lovin' me some potato pearls. Does this mean I have to empty my food storage of (gasp) my potato pearls....... Oh, the horror.

Actually, it seems counter productive to hag after the lunch ladies, they're just cooking what the school budget has provided. If Jamie really wanted to make a difference then start at the community level, creating an alternative food supply system that is able to function within the confines of the budgetary guidelines. And if you're really upset by it, just remember that it's the FDA guidelines that these meals are based off of. They (the meals) are also not required to provide a full nutritional meal. It's a subsidy. If there's one thing I'm coming to realize, no one wins with a headbutt, Koolaid hair color or a subsidy.

Getting all worked up about the school lunch program is too easy of a whipping dog. We all know it stinks, the government provides the food, so we either send our kids with lunches or get involved in developing a sustainable farm to school program. It can be done but needs tremendous support from the community, the school system, and ultimately the government. It all begins with educating the public.

All8 said...

Okay, I watched the whole episode and I understand his passion. I wonder if it's possible for people to stop feeling defensive and just to listen to each other or is all of that just from editing? I wish him well. (I'm bookmarking the site.)

Layne said...

I think that's part of what he's trying to do--you noticed that the lunch ladies saw nothing wrong with what they were feeding the kids. If he gets them and the parents on his side, they'll make noise until they get some changes made.

This is why I don't feed my kids school lunch. Also why I don't let the government tell me what food is.

All8 said...

In Columbia, MO, there's a group trying to get a Farm-to-School program going but the local gov. is NOT supportive.

I asked my kids if there is "Breakfast Pizza" served at their school, and there is. UGH! I need to be more consistent with packing lunches. I know The Lioness, usually doesn't eat lunch at school because, "It's just too gross!" Heaven help us.