Thursday, March 11, 2010

some of them are built so the front doesn't fall off at all

It's okay about the many barfings last night from Pinga. It's okay because this morning we have something to take our minds off of it. Like this: the fridge door fell off. The basement fridge, so instead of the important on-deck groceries we merely lost the reserve groceries (those may be inaccurate baseball metaphors or similes or whatever, but I'ms a little frazzled right now and baseball is a lame sport anyway, you know it's true, and it doesn't even encourage physical fitness, really, so what purpose is there for it and while I'm at it, shut up golf, [note to self: apologize for golf comment the next time I see Taylor]).

The reserve groceries are these:
clementines (salvageable)
cheese (salvageable)
peanuts (salvageable)
pecans (salvageable)
lard (salvageable)
6 gallons/$24 dollars' worth of milk (probably not salvageable, we'll see)

So if anybody wants ricotta/mozzarella/yogurt today, you know where to find it.


Sarah said...

Yikes with the fridge! And the side-stepped comment of "Whoa, Pinga barfed her brains out last night." Bummer, man. As I see it, the bright side to all of this is that you can keep getting fancy new stuff (i.e. range, furnace, fridge) because you have an endless supply of funds. Lucky you.