Tuesday, April 20, 2010

attempting rhubarb for the fifth time--I think I might try watering it

This is what my dining room looks like right now. By the time I can plant them they're going to be about four feet tall, I'm afraid. If choosing between housing young plants and young poultry, go for the plants. Quieter and not so much poop, if you're doing it right.

Speaking of poop, one of the chickens has a big growth on his chest--he's our unrealized rooster. He only recently tried making advances to one of the hens, but he unwisely chose Toupee for the object of his desires, and she walloped him but good because she's crazy. Anyway, this rooster looks like Morganna the Kissing Bandit, and since we bought an ax yesterday, he will be passing from this life on Wednesday night, for any mourners who wish to come pay their respects. That's because Thursday is trash day. Life on the farm! Jealous? I mean, I guess I could turn him, growth and all, into chicken nuggets and give them to my elementary school-aged children, but I guess I just like wasting stuff.

I tried my Gouda and it tastes like aspirin. I'm telling myself that it's okay to not have done it right the first time, and I'm certain that my aging cave was too warm, but it's still a disappointment to wait four months to eat something, and then it's gross, and that instead of sticking it to Big Gouda you're sticking it to Big Pain Relief. That is nice, but I would still like yummy cheese. Stupid bacteria.

Yesterday we disbudded, and found out that Tenacious G's horns were too big already because we are sucky animal husbands. Then we did a crap job on Cotton Ball and Catherinenotcate, and they were both bleeding. It was not a good day in Goat.

This rotational grazing is giving me fits! I don't know how to do it in a place with four seasons and limited water. I'm really sad and frustrated about it and I think I'll console myself by pulling up some grass in the front yard and planting strawberries.

Update: I think I has the answer! At least some of the answer.


All8 said...

Dis-budding is one of my least favorite things. Docking, I can handle, with those green cheerios, quick and not so stinky.

I'm sorry that your cheese is stinky aspirin. I was really hoping that it'd work out for ya'll.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email, call, or whatever. You'll have to give me 2 weeks if you're going to show up though, you know, so that I can haul everything away for an effigy of pack-rattedness. ;-)

Oh, be sure to check out your local library first, then if you hate the books, you're not out anything. Good Luck.


tipsybaker said...

I'm really sorry about the cheese. But the haircut and stove look really good!

kacy faulconer said...

Don't ever go in your cheese cave alone. Kai?