Monday, April 5, 2010

gonna look well smart

I've got something brewing, but I can't figure out how to say it yet, so until then here's something trivial to worry about instead:


No, actually, I don't have enough boots. I know this because I was out in the rain today and was wishing I had a pair of rain boots. I have irrigating boots, but they're no good for running errands, unless it's to the feed store, where I have to lug my own fifty-pound bags of laying pellets and sweet mix.

John hates least the black and white plaid, and I would get the brown and black plaid, except for the fact that they sort of look like Burberry, which is gross. So then I lean toward the houndstooth ones, but feel like they're kind of blah. The turquoisey ones are my least favorite.

It's a way huge decision, because it's almost two whole weeks' worth of piano money. Opinions?

And coming soon: how women are their own worst enemies. Or something.

Also, I think that people would enjoy history classes more if Kurt Vonnegut wrote the textbooks. I think he should be required reading.


Jill said...

I think if you stand they way the models are, they would ALL look smashing. I always pop my foot while standing in the rain.

tipsybaker said...

Black and white plaid. I like those a lot.

All8 said...

I like the black and white plaid.