Friday, April 30, 2010

has anybody seen my dumpling?

We bought a new goat last night. She won't be coming here until after she's bred in October/November, but we're very excited. Her name is Hazel, she's very pretty, and milking her is dreamy. Her udder is so great. I have champagne taste and a moonshine budget with goats as well as with large kitchen appliances, so it's nice to get a goat with such a lovely udder for a very reasonable price. John and I like to look at pictures like this and this and say to each other, "Look at the butt on that!" Welcome, everyone, to my classy blog.

The prolapsing chicken is not prolapsing after all. I was suspicious that it was just one of those soft-shell snake eggs they sometimes lay, and thank goodness that was the case. Man, maybe I could have made a basilisk! Or a cockatrice. . . which one is the snake egg hatched under a chicken? Pretty sure it's a basilisk.

Okay, I just checked it, and here's the deal (according to the dubiously-sourced Wik): the basilisk comes from a serpent's or toad's egg hatched under a cockerel (young rooster). A cockatrice comes from a cockerel's egg (whaaaa?) hatched by a serpent or toad. It looks like the basilisk, but has wings. The basilisk can be killed with the smell of a weasel's urine, which I think you'll agree with me is not a surprise. Mythology, wheee!


richvm said...

If you read this post to your kids or they read it, they will for sure be out trying to gun down your chickens to see if urine smell really can kill things. The rest is udderly beautiful, tips down.

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