Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am afraid of scary bats

I got to wear my rain boots today and yesterday, and I stepped right in a puddle on purpose. John said it like this: "In yours, puddle!"

We have a picture of Noah's ark, and both of the horses look like mares. Also the giraffes have no spots. I wish Darwin would address that.

I ate my feelings tonight: pasta with meat sauce, salad with a bug in it, cookie dough, hot chocolate, yogurt, scrambled egg.

My contact keeps wrinkling in my eye and making me feel like I'm looking through a spiderweb.

That spider in The Lord of the Rings is gross. I think she's grosser in the book than the movie.

Sometimes I want to say to Samwise and Frodo, "Get a room already!" You can tell Rosie Cotton is totally a beard.

The scariest Gollum is the one in the cartoon. You can watch it on Youtube.

Have I told you that one of my celebrity boyfriends is Leonard Nimoy? He's a fox. I love his nose.

You guys. I was just doing stream-of-consciousness typing, and I didn't realize that Leonard Nimoy and The Hobbit are cosmically connected, but then when I was searching for a good picture of Leonard Nimoy to show you so you'd know I wasn't crazy for loving him--this one:I found this song:

Rock on, nerds.

I think I'll be Joan Jett for Halloween. Don't copy me.


Jill said...

Do puddles have "yours's" lol

highdeekay said...

Wow! That is awesome. I somehow totally missed his singing career but not anymore!