Tuesday, April 6, 2010

leave my girls no faster

I changed my mind about the topic I had brewing. I had a lovely post in which I pondered the role of women and their treatment by society and certain religions. There was a reference to the tricksiness of being a woman, contrasted with the tricksiness of being a man with a bunch of external genitalia flopping around all over the place. There was indictment of women in general for making each other feel bad about all of their choices and blaming men for it.

But it's one of those topics that needs to be covered verbally, with a healthy dialogue going. So I'll wait until some poor fool gives me a conversational in, and then WHAM! It's going to be great.

Instead, I will tell you that John says I talked in my sleep last night, but more clearly than usual, and I referred to going somewhere and there were bodies. I wonder if I visited a morgue in my dreams? Or a mass grave? I do watch Bones a lot, so that might be affecting my REM sleep. I just really like it when Angel is happy!

Did you hear the kookoopantses on Diane Rehm today talking about manipulating the climate by, among other methods, blocking the sun? Like, have they lost their minds, man? (Said in Shaggy voice.) Aside from the fact that Smithers almost shot Mr. Burns for such skullduggery, somebody hurry and give me an example of a case in which futzing with Mother Nature has not had horrible unforeseen consequences.

I think the Sargasso Sea is fascinating. I like pulp science. You should read The Loch, which is schlock (rhymey!), but very good for making paranoid people (me!) even more afraid of the ocean. Oh, I'll go in, but not very far. I'm no dummy. I told you about how I check swimming pools for sharks.

I need a vacation.


Jill said...

I need a vacation too!...or even some nice WARM weather to go outside in!! I think we should plan another VM eat out/in night. Having the kids there was fun and all, but let's ditch the kids and play this time! :-)