Thursday, April 22, 2010

more of the same

John put it this way, "I don't think there's anything worse you can teach your kids than to have them run around for a couple of minutes and then reward them with candy and pop."

Obviously there are worse things you could teach them, like that they should counterfeit money, or poach elephants for their tusks, but you get the point. I don't think my kids are going to become morbidly obese or develop the sugar or heart disease from having snacks after one soccer game. I think treats are great, and I have an eighteen-inch log of cookie dough in my freezer to prove it. But last week it was root beer and Twinkies, and the week before was lurid blue "fruit" punch and radioactive orange cheez crackers, and after six games still nothing found in nature. Whatever happened to fruit, Nature's Candy (tm)? A nice, cold orange slice after striking out or missing the pop fly hit right to you in deep right field, as far away from the infield as you can get because you're really bad at softball? Yum. Do we have to have junk food for everything? Do we want every memorable occasion in our lives encased in a witch's gingerbread house? Heaven forbid that they expend some calories that aren't immediately replaced by corn syrup and hydrogenated soybean oil.

It's the constant barrage of crap from all directions that gets to me.

Vilda would be disappointed by how often I say "crap."


Ambrose said...

I don't know who Vilda is, but you are not using 'crap' incorrectly. That is what it is - CRAP!

Your thoughts remind me of what Michael Pollan says:"We need to stop flattering nutritionally worthless food-like substances by calling them “junk food” — and instead make clear that such products are not in fact food of any kind."

One foodie to another

Amy said...

I feel the same way. And, when I try to limit my kids, people around me are like, "It's alright to indulge them once in awhile." And, I agree with that statement, but, the problem is that we are inundated with junk food for two weeks straight with every holiday and every event (i.e. a soccer game) in between. Sure, it's fine to have a treat once in awhile, but, it just never seems to end. Why aren't more people angry about the obesity epidemic? Treats at every turn in life.

Jill said...

I guess the only thing we can really do is set an example. Won't they all be surprised when the Huff boys hand out congratulatory pencils at the next game? :-)