Thursday, April 15, 2010

some folks are born silver spoon in hand

You guys, Smith and Edwards is like a cave of wonders. I was there today and found and bought the rain boots I would have gotten in the first place if I had just known they existed, instead of those black and white ones that, although cute, are screaming tight on my toes. Anybody want to buy some black and white rain boots that say they are size 8 but are really meant to fit a size 7 lady foot?

On my way to the checkstand I got teased by an Ariat rep who had noticed my thorough examination of how my legs looked in my Northerner boots, and he told me they weren't a fashion statement. I told him oh, but they were, and I intended to wear them with my skinny jeans in public and all. It's not my fault he's so hamstrung by convention that he can't imagine wearing irrigating boots to a fancy-dress dinner party. Then I told him how my two pairs of Ariat boots are my favorite shoes and I am a missionary for their boots because they are so comfortable, and I have converted two people that I know of. He didn't give me any free boots, though. Jerk. Maybe if I had him call Patty and Jenny, and they could tell him what a convincing saleswoman I am? Maybe he could tell that I was lying, because how could I really say I have a favorite pair of boots? They are like my childrens! I love them all!

One of my character flaws is that every time I do something good I feel prideful about what a nice person I am, which proves that I'm not a nice person at all! Today Pinga and I were in town and I thought we'd go visit our across the street neighbor who is in an assisted living facility now. So right away I started thinking about what a great person I am. So thoughtful. So concerned about easing the journey for my fellow man. I am an example!

I'm not certain, but I bet if the nice things you do are enough out of the ordinary routine of your life that you have a separate thought process about them, you're probably not an example. Dangit!

I have no idea if the guitar hook in "Up Around the Bend" is difficult or impressive, but I know that it is my kryptonite. I can't not listen to that bawm-ba-deed-oo-wadda thing.

Also the weather is beautiful. I was so caught up in enjoying the process that I accidentally planted 45 feet of Bull's Blood beets. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of them, as there's only so much beet kvass a person can drink. Which in my case is likely none.


amy greenway said...

I had a missionary companion with an oppressive grandpa. Her grandma couldn't buy a thing for herself BUT if she told him she bought it at Smith and Edwards he loved it. Naturally everything from that point on was reported as a purchase from Smith and Edwards. Smart lady.

If at some point you really need an outlet for beets my pickling mom in Logan would come and get them them FOR SURE. It's the one food they eat every Sunday.

Anonymous said...
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All8 said...

Hey, you followed through, good on ya.

I say sent the beets to Amy's mom. Some body's got to eat them.

All8 said...

Um, I meant Send. Doh, moment for sure.

kacy faulconer said...

"They're not a fashion statement." Nice sales pitch, jerk.