Saturday, April 17, 2010

we have a fire pit now

I made a great pun today. I will tell it to you now. The chickens were starting to collect in their pen after grazing in the yard, and I told John, "They're headed home after a long day. Time to cluck out." Ha! Get it? Like "clock out?" Not everything was great about the chickens, though. We had to kick the rooster again and hit him with the shovel, because he attacked Pinga and made her cry. Next time he's a goner (makes throat-slitting motion).

The kids are on spring break, so we're trying to divide our time together as a family into equal parts working/playing/fighting. We've already got our fighting third taken care of, so there's just the other two to do now. Today we built a fire pit, and everybody played outside and got sunburned, and it was great. It's so empowering to start a fire in your backyard! We killed two grody grub-looking things while we were digging. They were green and we cut them in half and smeared them on rocks.

Last night John and I and Captain America and The Hulk went to the symphony because we are way highbrow and can buy and sell you clowns. They were doing Pictures at an Exhibition (the Ravel version), which is our all-time favorite symphonic work. For any of you who buy into that classical-music-makes-you-smarter business, this is a great one for kids. It's very visual and descriptive. When we were going into the lobby for intermission there was an older man walking next to us just farting and farting as loudly and merrily as could be. He was unperturbed and unashamed. Good for him? I guess?


All8 said...

A fire pit would be way fun.

I don't remember, what breed of rooster do you have; I mean other than hateful?

Sarah said...

Way to go with the fire pit and symphony-ing. I can't even begin to imagine taking my kids to anything that involves them sitting for long periods of time...or short periods of time... or really sitting at all. hmmm...perhaps a few years still.

Sophie said...

I love how you speak of smearing grubs on rocks, going to the symphony and then use the word "farting" all in the same short blog post. You're the best.

Amy said...

(that last comment was by Amy, my daughter keeps using my computer and I keep forgetting it's logged onto her account)