Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I don't care what they may say, I don't care what they may do

Somebody told me a while ago that the Doobie Brothers made a pact with the devil to get famous, which as you know is pretty standard behavior, but I wonder, what did they get in return? Because if you're going to lose your soul, shouldn't you sell it more dearly than for "China Grove" and "Listen to the Music?" Maybe a golden fiddle or somesuch? I like "What a Fool Believes" okay, but I really don't think they were that great. Plus their name is so sophomoric it embarrasses me, like when you see an old guy wearing a Chronic t-shirt.

I can only conclude that they didn't really make a pact with the devil after all. Cuz if they did they got took.

Today is a day I don't want to be a mom very much. I have decided that the mess Pinga is making downstairs with cheese is worth it so I can watch an episode of Buffy. It's the one where Giles gets turned into a Fyarl demon, if you want to know.


All8 said...

That bites. Sounds like a chocolate binge kind of day.

Melissa Cunningham said...

Hey, we all need to fill our cups somehow.

I have the tv on and my two youngest glued to Spongebob,just so I can sit here typing. Yeah, I won't win the Mom of the Year award either!