Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just need to record this for posterity

I try to keep things G-rated around here (not really), but you will thank me. I teach piano lessons to the son of our magic neighbors. Today before we started his lesson I asked his mom if they wanted us to neuter Eclipse (their baby boy goat who lives here).

Boy: "I don't think that's a good idea, because we have three girl goats coming, and there should be some boys."
Me: "Oh, he'll still be a boy. He just won't be able to make new baby goats."
Boy: "Why do you even have to do that? I wish we could just get a piece of his DNA and stick it in the back of the girl goat! How do they do that with that thing?"
Me: "Um, it's just the right size, and it goes in."
Boy: "That would be crazy if a man did that to a girl goat! I'd like to see pictures of that! I mean a human man with a girl goat."
Me (thinking): "I bet you could find some pictures like that without much trouble . . ."
Me: "Oh, they wouldn't have viable offspring. That's what it's called when they can't have babies with each other. Humans are made to have babies with humans, and goats are made to have babies with goats."
Boy: "I was thinking of a baby satyr."

Neat, huh? I am grateful for my ability to respond to yicky situations with a minimum of freakout. It was the same way when Captain America came home one day in second grade and asked me if people take their clothes off and lie on top of each other, and if they sometimes do that in a hot tub.


Sarah said...

Oh man, now that is funny stuff. I should clarify: How YOU handled the situation with your magic neighbor's son is hilarious, and impressive... The story about Captain America, however, is one that remains on my "Top 10 Reasons I Would Ever Consider Homeschooling" list. Yikes.

All8 said...


Kudos to you. Yuck.

Melissa Cunningham said...

I'm laughing out loud, just so you know and trying to figure out who you're talking about!

tipsybaker said...

I'm impressed with that boy. A baby satyr?

Jenny said...

I don't even know what a satyr is. And how old is this boy? Good grief!