Tuesday, May 4, 2010

liza lou, I'm gonna snatch you away

I'm making a fence today. Not the kind where people bring me stolen goods and I pass them on to unscrupulous purchasers, but the kind that will shock my goats if they push against the wire. I was afraid that it was going to take forever and be really expensive, but it's just going to take forever and be sort of expensive. What a relief!

Today I accidentally saw a picture of a naked lady right after she gave birth at home, and I just need to say this: home-birthers, stop putting naked pictures of yourself on the internet. It's not cool or beautiful or empowering. It's weird, and so are you. Stop being weird. Go ahead and have your babies in the tub if you want, or an onion field, or wherever. I don't care. But don't show us, because it's none of our business. Stop trying to act like it is.

I refilled the goats' salt and baking soda and all the babies were being so bad and jumping up in it and making it dirty with their little hooves. They always do that. People say that goats would rather die than drink dirty water, and I just think that maybe they should stop pooping in it, then.


tipsybaker said...

I regretted sending you that link. I looked at it again later and realized that it was not just freaky, but truly gross.

All8 said...

How'd the fence building go?

Sounds like goats being goats, and I mean the real ones too. (Ewww!!! who in their right mind posts pictures of their neckedness,ON Purpose?!) (UGH!) I think that they misunderstand that it may have been an empowering experience but what they don't understand is that it was also a private one. I would feel quite violated to have pictures of my stretched out yah, yah, sisterhood, which just did it's hardest work, EVER, flashing through the World Wide Web, FOREVER. {{{SHUDDER}}}

(I need to go and wash my hands or something. Right now!)