Thursday, May 20, 2010

moon shine above on your sweet jungle love

So busy with all these responsibilities of planting and digging and catmothering! Plus there is a person who owes me money and has done for about a month now and I'm starting to feel a little kneecap-breaky. I don't just give it away for free, you know. Usage of my great juicy brain is a valuable commodity.

Well, we've gotten rain every couple of days for a while now. I hear that selfish volcano in Iceland is to blame, and that we can expect rain every three days for the rest of the summer if it keeps acting up. Being raised in Utah I know better than to complain about rain, and I punish my children severely if they start singing that "rain, rain, go away" rhyme. As long as we have nice hot sun in between the downpours so the tomatoes will still ripen, I'll be happy as a pig in slop.

It does mean that our hay will grow wonderfully, but we won't be able to cut, dry and bale it without it being a moldy mess. Plus it's been difficult to get anything planted--I still have beans, squash and potatoes to put in. So I guess we'll just pretend we're real farmers and leave it all up to fate. I like how I say "we," as though John and I have anything to do with managing our hay crop. I will have to pull the headgate and open the siphon tubes this year, which is a lot of responsibility for me. I'm kind of drunk on the power of it, actually. Like a vampire who has just found the Gem of Amarra.

The baby kittens are reminding me why I'm not having any more babies. Too much eating. Too much meowing. Too much noise waking them up so they nag me about food. But they are still very cute, and they purr and purr all the time, and they have started wrassling each other. I have great hopes for Rex. Should we make his first name Oedipus? How rad of a show cat name would that be, Oedipuss Resurrects? It almost makes me want to chance the smiting from heaven that would surely come as a result of my blasphemy. But then he would self-blind, and what a mess that would be. He would never win Best in Show with no eyes.

We got one of those little Cuisinart ice cream makers, we'll call it a Mother's Day present, and is it just me, or do they not work very well? I don't think the ice cream ever gets thicker than a melted milkshake. The two flavors we've made so far (banana chocolate chip and chocolate marshmallow) have both been runny. Why has nobody invented a banana chocolate chip ice cream yet? With the tiny flecks of chocolate, not those big, waxy, tooth-breaking chunks?


Sarah said...

Oh man! I feel like we've led you astray. We like our Cuisinart ice cream maker. But maybe that's 'cuz I also like milkshakes...and really anything with sugar and fat - runny or not. Hmmm...sorry, dude.

In other news, hooray for you and your garden and catmothering. I'm totally amazed at Rex, and I feel that he will inspire a great church talk on enduring to the end or something.

Anonymous said...
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highdeekay said...

My ice cream maker is awesome and hardens nicely and banana choc chip has been invented ... by me ... years ago! I honestly don't remember what brand mine is because it is with all its friends (the serger, the kitchen aid, the computer, etc.) back in Alabama.

If I'm the one who owes you money, I really apologize. My memory just isn't what it used to be.

Claire said...

The guy at the kitchen store told me you have to turn your freezer down quite a bit when you want to freeze your bucket or it won't be cold enough to freeze your ice cream.