Tuesday, May 25, 2010

there is no "now" here

I'm going to talk about LOST some more, and it may get all nerdy and religious up in here for a minute. It's all right.

Somehow the writers were able to make me okay with a ton of questions about the island never really getting answered. It would have just given us more questions, it's true. The cynic in me says that's because there weren't any answers to give, and they knew it would be hokey times eleven to try to make stuff up. But the believer in me sees the path that was there from the beginning, intended or not. The show was about the people on the island. The island was important, and what they did mattered, was of monumental importance, but the island itself was not the most important thing. It was their experiences together and what they learned as a result of being on the island that mattered the most. And they found out that this life is a brief moment. While you're in it, it seems big and forever, but we saw that even though those people may have died apart, and may have been separated for years or decades, they're together where it counts. For actual forever. I thought that was nice. It was just very cathartic to see so much resolution and people making peace with each other. I thought the moment between Hugo and Ben was sweet, because Hugo didn't ask Ben to help him because he was feeling sorry for Ben--that's what's great about Hugo. None of his kindness is motivated by conscious thought. It's just his nature. And for Ben to finally have a moment in which he felt special and cared about was touching. I was glad that Jack's father was the one to do for Jack what Jack did for Locke. Jack spent so much time as a lost, tortured soul that to see him happy and accepting was very gratifying.

I could go on all day with this. Daniel and Sarah, we need to have a LOST summit.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad to hear that someone enjoyed the finale as much as I did. Thank heavens I can blame my puffy eyes and headache on a sinus infection, because seriously? I haven't cried that much watching a TV show since...ever. I'm such a baby, I'm still off-and-on teary about it today.

We were joking last night that I've invested so much into these characters, if I were ever to actually see them in real life, I'd run up and give them a hug. Unfortunately, they're not as emotionally attached to our relationship as I am, and would likely call security. Whatever. If I ever see 'em, I'm giving them a hug.

Jill said...

We loved it too. We might need you to explain a few things to us though. We have some questions...