Sunday, May 30, 2010

thoughts on media

Last night John and I were watching TV at his parents' house--Iron Chef interspersed with moments from some show called It's Me or the Dog, which from what I could see consists of a dog nanny going around helping morons who have anthropomorphized their dogs into severe behavioral problems. During the breaks there was commercial after commercial for Marmaduke, which is a movie that I guess someone thought was a good idea for making money? I will never understand Hollywood.

Yes, I know about the Marmaduke Explained blog. It's funny. I like it when people make fun of stupid comic strips.

Anyway, these commercials. The song they were using in the ads was "Tik Tok," and it struck me what a perfect confluence of aptitude it was. A nothing movie about a nothing dog, being advertised by a nothing song by a nothing performer. It was the Dorian Gray portrait of synergy.

Ugh, the video for "Tik Tok" is so stupid. I've only seen a couple of lines into it, but good criminy. So juvenile. Yes, we get it, Ke$ha, you're SO naughty and shocking. Conservative society quakes at your approach. It doesn't mean you can sing. And the dollar sign in her name! Does she even realize what a grody trope she is? No, not trollop, but yes, that too.

Moving on . . . we finally saw Iron Man 2 last night, and it was a madcap romp. I was delighted by the knowledge that Robert Downey Jr. must have been wearing some wicked tall lifts, and thought I could actually see stilts in a few scenes. Mickey Rourke was scary. Sam Rockwell either as himself or as the Justin Hammer character appeared to have used gross amounts of self-tanner, mainly on the palms of his hands. The fight scene with Scarlett Johansson/Natasha Romanoff was like watching an arcade game--was that on purpose, or were there constraints of time/money at play? Not sure. What I liked most about the movie was having my faith and trust restored in the pure and unselfish motives of the military industrial complex.


Sarah said...

Saw the movie last night, and I agree with all of your assessments. We thought it was rad, even with the insane amounts of self-tanner. I mean, seriously, they must have planned that so as to add to his character, right? Otherwise, in the editing process they would have been like, "Holy crap, what are those orangey-browny, unhuman-like *things* he's wavin' around? Sheesh, we gotta refilm the whole flippin' show!"

Also, Mickey Rourke was crazy scary and gross. And I like Robert Downey Jr. in the role so much - even if he needs a little height enhancement. After all, it would look a little ridiculous to have Iron Man come up to Gwyneth Paltrow's elbow.