Monday, May 24, 2010

whence mr. eko?

Aw. I'm all puffy-eyed from crying about the LOST finale. I get very involved in my stories, and when you go through a day where you see Joyce Summers die, and then have this whammy put on you, it makes for a day of emotional upheaval. Maybe I'll go rewatch "I Will Remember You" and see if I can give myself PTSD.

I thought the finale was perfect and wonderful and poignant and lovely, and I actually ended up not hating Kate's guts completely, and I always believed that Sawyer needed Juliet, and Jin and Sun were great, and Claire and Charlie had probably the best reunion of the bunch, and I was sad that Locke didn't have Helen, because I love Peg Bundy, and I can see why Ben's not quite ready to move on yet, what with all the lying and killing, and bless Desmond and Jack and Hurley for doing what was hard, and I am just really sad that it's over. Good TV is hard to come by.

Now I'm all thinky and will have to start over at the beginning. But not until I finish Buffy.