Monday, June 7, 2010

I think we could do with more aspic

So far today I have run(ish) a mile, mowed the front lawn, and watered part of the garden. It's like I'm 1/5 of my mom! I don't expect it to last, but it's a pretty big day. I do know that I'm so proud of my efforts that I'm going to reward myself with a trip to Layton to buy a dress and some shoes. I'm not ruling out Salt Lake, either. I'm drunk with self-actualization!

On Saturday I found a black pencil skirt to replace the slutty one I already have that is only modest if I wear leggings with it. I tried it, but I decided that cheetah-print leggings are probably not appropriate for church. But that's for me. You do what you want. Just don't blame me if you get a bad reputation.

If you were wondering, sour cherry jam is terrible on squaw bread. Honey is a better choice.

I borrowed my mother-in-law's Gourmet Cookbook--volume one. I'm interested to see what it's like, from the standpoint of discovering how long ago we lost control to plastic food. It advocates shortening, but it also uses unconventional cuts of meat. I told John I was going to make him some boeuf a la mode en terrine (cold jellied beef), but he doesn't seem very excited--he said something about how there's a good reason people don't make that anymore. I guess he'll have to eat head cheese instead.


tipsybaker said...

Is that the Gourmet with the burgundy cover?

Amy said...

You go girl! Seriously. You are super hyper. All that cooking and baking from scratch that you do and now you are a catmomma too. I use to pretend that we were moving to a rural spot until Brian set me straight on just how much work is involved with animal chores. Then, I realized I don't even weed the tiny vegetable and flower gardens we have here. I hope you make those chillin' work for their room and board. That is why you had four, right? Your post about the baptism dilemma made me laugh hard. And, crave poison lunch meat.

All8 said...

What a busy-bee you are, But you just go right on thinking that you've got us all fooled into thinking you do nothing.

(Just the thought of head cheese gives me the collie-wobbles.)

Sarah said...

I love those days (rare as they may be) when I've accomplished great things. I feel unstoppable. That is, until the next day when I do nothing again.

You go, lady. I'm uber impressed with your do-ing.

Layne said...

Tipsy--it is. Any suggestions?

John said, "Wow. She IS a cookbook savant."