Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm no one's son

When he sings, "I never drew first but I drew first blood," is Bon Jovi (speaking as a murderous outlaw) shunting culpability, saying in effect, "He started it"? Is he saying, "Look, I don't even need a quick draw. My accuracy is such that I will plug you square in the breadbasket while you're shooting the tumbleweed behind me and to the left"? Or is he saying, "Anytime I draw first I kill a man, but it's up to you to determine how often that is"?

I think we can assume that he is a deadeye, but doesn't he also need to work on his draw? It seems like lazy gunslinging to just assume that the other guy isn't as accurate as he is--isn't speed sort of a really important part of a duel, at least to honor the Outlaw Code, if nothing else? I mean, we're not animals! I'm not sure I approve of his devil-may-care attitude toward his chosen vocation. If he's not passionate about drawing first, a probably life-saving skill, then what in the world DOES he care about? Barmaids, I reckon. But they don't have barmaids in purgatory . . . actually, scratch that. Even so, maybe he should practice the quick draw a couple of times.