Tuesday, June 8, 2010

marie! I'm doing your favorite one!

I saw a girl in an ad today who looks a lot like Courtney Love, which is not a good thing, right? She can't have been aiming for that, right? Her crotch was covered, and she didn't have barf in her hair, but still. Upsetting.

I haven't mowed the rest of the lawn. Probably not going to, either.

I have all kinds of ideas for how to remodel the house across the street, if they ever sell it and the new people want my input. They're welcome to it. For starters: lose the sliding window in the living room, and get a picture window. Pretty!

I saw a dress in Anthropologie yesterday that was on clearance (otherwise the price tag would have made my eyes bleed and fall out instead of just hurt), and it was beautiful! I can't describe it very well, but it's going to look great with my "stilts," as my grandpa calls my brown platform Mary Janes. Which I just grossly learned "are a popular part of kinderwhore and Lolita fashion." Bleh. Will wash brain now.

We're making terrariums for Scouts (is it called den meeting?) tomorrow. Shoot. I just remembered that the plants are still in my car. Whoops, accident. Cooked plants.

The kittens are eating solid food! Crunchy solid food! I'M FREE!

A guy just walked past my house who looks 'xactly like Dale Gribble.


Amy said...

Your post is so ADHD.

All8 said...

I would hope and pray that NO ONE would ever try to look like C. Love. That would certainly be unfortunate.

Good luck with scouts tonight.