Thursday, June 10, 2010

product may stay: don aslett's window washing thingies

Holy cow, I forgot to tell you! A while ago I decided that maybe since I couldn't see through all the hard water stains on the windows it was time to finally wash them for the first time since they were installed. Shut up.

I'd heard that squeegees were the way to go, and having tried the ridiculous newspaper and vinegar method last year--big mistake--I decided I would try it. So John went to the Don Aslett Cleaning Center on the south end of Logan and got some tools. The salesfellow said to just use water with a few drops of dish soap in it, and sold us a squeegee and raggy, moppy-looking thing that reminds me of Barkley, that dog on Sesame Street.

So the other day I set out to wash the windows, and twenty minutes later I was done. No kidding. And let me remind you that I have a crap-ton of big, big windows. You jam the mop and squeegee heads on the end of a broomstick or mop handle, dip the raggy thing in the water, wash the windows down, and squeegee the water off. It is so easy and so fast, and the windows are so clean, they look like I'm already outside! I am a disciple. Plus, did you know that Don Aslett sells packs of concentrate, so you can re-use your spray bottles and add your own water, thereby saving money and eliminating packaging waste? It's true. He is also a charismatic speaker, if a teense corny. You may wonder if the reason I like him so much is because he sort of looks like a combination of John (my husband) and Bob Newhart (my boyfriend), and the answer is "probably."

I've tried to tell the Mrs. Meyers people to sell concentrate, but I guess they like selling us water and ravishing the Earth, because they ignored me. Rudes.

But anyway. Buy the Barkley-looking window mopping thing and the squeegee, and you will not be sorry. Unless you don't have curtains, and then your neighbors can see your illicit behavior more easily. It's your call. Product may stay.


Melissa Cunningham said...

I'll be over to borrow your stuff later on today!

Matt and Emily said...

Good to know, good to know. Thanks.