Wednesday, June 2, 2010

robots making pies

You might wonder why I haven't talked about cooking in a while, since it's one of the few things about my job that I actually enjoy. Do you wonder? Are you wondering right now? I know how curious you all are about my daily comings and goings--as curious as I am about the comings and goings of, say, a person who was in the checkstand next to me at Costco. Which is to say: how does someone eat that many frozen Philly cheesesteak sandwiches?

This is part of the reason I have been cooking shy:
I think Groceries looks like one of those Richard Scarry cats.

And what does Skiver think of all this, you might ask? I'll let him tell you in his own words.
Skiver says, "Boo."

He is sick and tired of it. His hair is falling out from the stress.

In addition to the life force-sucking cats, part of the reason I haven't talked about cooking is I haven't had any revelatory meals for a while. Because we have been eating a whole lot of eggs. Mostly in omelets. I make a fantastic two-egg omelet, but my three-eggers are not as reliable. My pan is two-egg sized, what can I say? The secret to a great omelet is a little bit of milk, gentle heat, and the very best eggs. It's true--in something like an omelet there's not a whole lot going on, so inferior ingredients (like sweatshop eggs, you know who you are!) will show.

On Saturday we disbudded some goats for a very nice lady over in Cache Valley who is my new life sensei. She runs the coolest little farm. You should check it out. I'm going to poach a bunch of her ideas, especially the electric net fencing. Because John and I use the most humiliating savings plan in the world, i.e. claiming no exemptions, we have enough money coming back to us that we can fence our pasture. Then I'll use the electric net to figure out how big each inner paddock should be. Not sure how to fit cutting/baling/stockpiling in there, but I'll worry about that tomorrow.


All8 said...

They are awfully cute! (The little buggers.)

Jill said...

oh...they are adorable! I want one...just kidding..but they are really cute. :-)