Friday, June 18, 2010

stupid moles

Do you ever say something kind of stupid or rude, and then make a giant deal of it by trying to either cover it up or undo it? I think my communication consists almost entirely of this sort of thing.

Which is why while we were eating birthday cake at the zoo yesterday, I commented that trifle is better than cake. In between bites of the cake, mind you, directed at a group of people including the person who had made the cake (it was delicious). As soon as I said it I realized how rude it sounded and felt terrible. And then I went on to gush and fawn over the cake far more than I probably should have, just because I wanted to make sure she didn't think I didn't like her cake. And it called even more attention to the fact that I had just slighted her. And today I started composing a letter of apology, because I just have to keep worrying and worrying that bone. I haven't sent it, because I'm still trying to strike the proper balance between apologetic and breezy (it totally negates the breezy!), and I think I probably shouldn't send something at all. Because I'll just keep making it bigger. I wasn't wishing it was trifle, the cake really was good--really good--and I like cake, and trifle is kind of a headache in some ways, so it's not like cake is inferior or anything, and I'm doing it again!

Is this a mountain or a molehill? Because that's a discernment quality I was born without. What do you do when you accidentally say something rude? Or does this not happen to other people?


Anna B. said...

call her. short and sweet. then let it go. chalk it up to one of those stories that will be amusing someday :)

Sarah said...

Oh man! I wrote a big ol' comment and just as I was nearing the final sentence, The Baby hit the power button! Sheesh.

Here's what I pretty much said: First, I'm laughing my brains out about this post, to the point that my five year-old keeps asking, "Mom! What's so funny?!"

Second, you are definitely making a Mt. Everest-sized mountain out of something much less than a molehill...more like a wee tinsy pebble.

I clearly remember this moment yesterday for two reasons. I thought, "Ha! That's totally the kind of thing I would say while eating someone's cake...and then feel awkward about how to recover...even though they probably didn't care at all." And then I thought, "Also? I really like trifle."

So there you have it. On the "I'm Offended Scale," I am at an absolute ZERO. And not even the "I'm trying not to be offended, even though my feelings are really hurt, but I don't want to make a scene" kind of zero, but a real, honest, "wow, I hadn't even thought about it since it happened" kind of zero.

Thanks for coming yesterday. We had a blast. And I'm glad you liked the cake. Truly. :)

Layne said...

I'm glad you're not upset with me and my cloddish mouth.

I'm just getting ready to be one of those old ladies who shouts during a wedding ceremony, "IT'S A PITY HER MOTHER COULDN'T BE HERE," when the stepmother is sitting a few people away.