Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tengo sueno

Yesterday was Pinga's birthday, and I made this cake. As a layer cake, not cupcakes, as if I needed to tell you. I was contemplating an ice cream cake, but had another one of those existential crises in the store, and couldn't bring myself to buy cookies for the crust, and I didn't have time to make shortbread AND ice cream, so carrot cake it was. It was darn good, too. Moist without being greasy, which is an accomplishment for carrot cake.

It made me think about that thing where people used to think that carrot cake was healthy, because of the carrots, and it uses oil instead of the Demon Butter. Now everyone makes fun of those people, not because they realize that there's nothing wrong with butter, but because there aren't that many carrots, and there is still a lot of oil. But really, it's no worse than regular cake, surely. At least it has the carrots in there. Same thing with zucchini and banana bread. I'm not saying they're everyday foods, but as an option in the sweet treats category, I think they're fine. Especially if you throw some whole wheat flour and sucanat in there. Until we find out from a study (funded by the Corn Refiners Association, obviously) that sucanat is like eating cancer straight, no chaser, and then we can go back to our refined sweeteners.

Don't you think it's so terrible how Obama bombed that undersea oil well and broke the ocean? Boy, I sure do. It's like he WANTS to be the Antichrist.

Did I tell you that our neighbor came and pulled out the juniper bushes with his skid steer? It was a sight to behold. He almost upended himself because he came at them at a dead run (figuratively speaking), jammed the bucket into the trunk, and had the rear wheels about four feet off the ground. It was thrilling. He was already at the next-door neighbors' house helping to clear away the dirt from the hole they're digging for an in-ground trampoline. Here's something fun: while they were digging the hole they dug up one of the perforated pipes in the leach field that comes off the septic tank, so it was leaking poo juice all over into the hole. My kids were fascinated.

One of the presents Pinga got for her birthday was a baby Cabbage Patch doll--one of those that you don't know if it's a boy or girl until you open the package--not that it was a huge mystery, I could see its topknot under the bonnet before I even bought it. It has the writing on its bottom and the adoption certificate, just like the one I had, and I realized that there are a bunch of different birth mothers listed, but the birth father is always Xavier Roberts, like, man! Does he get around or what?


Claire said...

Tell Pinga "Happy Birthday!" That carrot cake does look delicious. I'm excited for you to come out next week!!!

kacy faulconer said...

Trifle is better than carrot cake.

Layne said...

Kacy, that was turrible rude. I think you owe me a notarized email of apology.

It's true, though.