Tuesday, June 22, 2010

whoopie-ti-yi-yo, get along, little dogies

I'm sick of looking at that Bon Jovi post, so here's a little something while I'm gone a-vacationing.

1. We had to irrigate on Monday, and it reminded me why people used to kill each other with shovels at the headgate.
2. A Cutco salesman called me the other day, and I was rude to him and told him I don't care for Cutco knives. I don't care how many people think they're great. I think they're crappy, and even if they weren't, they're powerful ugly.
3. I think the lady who lived here before us got the toilet in the upstairs bathroom from some kind of toilet seconds warehouse. It's the worst.
4. Despite my maverick tendencies I am seeing Wicked on Saturday night. If it's not as good as everyone has been telling me, I am holding all of you personally responsible.
5. A mouse should never marry a cat, because he will only eat all their food storage, lie about it, and then eat her when she finds out the truth. This is what always happens.


All8 said...

Hope you enjoy your vacationing.