Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cuttin' capers, puttin' papers in the bag

A couple of days ago we were driving over to my parents' house to do their chores while they're gone, and we saw a mare (that means mama horse) with a foal (that means baby horse) that looked eerily like the llama (that means loogies like paintballs) sharing the pasture with them. John said it just goes to show that if you take even the best horse and the best llama and leave them alone for long enough they'll get into trouble.

On a related note, here are Groceries and Rex:

"Do you mind? We asked for a private room."

Also look at this:
That is the dog that's living here right now. We named him Herb, short for Herbivore. He is very nice and well-behaved. Knock on wood. He can be yours for a fair price.

Here is the inspiration for today's post title:

I love Humphrey. He's the best.


tipsybaker said...

Those kitties are cute and your caption is hilarious.

Jill said...

that dog is pretty cute! Cats are pretty cute! Horse-llama, not so sure about...

I never get in the pool because I'm a cat person.

All8 said...

Look at you taking a pose. Rex and groceries are quite cute, good thing you saved them from the can.

Oh, we've promised our kiddos that they can have a dog when we're able to move back out to the country too.

Sarah said...

I love Herb, he looks good next to your leg. Your cats are cute, too. I know you already know this, but sheesh! You gotta lota animals these days.