Thursday, July 1, 2010

day 3 of my excellent adventure

In the morning we went to the Natural History Museum.
The blue whale is the giantest thing ever. And I'm not creeped out at all by taxidermy unless it starts moving, and you would not believe how many stuffed dead animals they have there! Elephant seals are hideous, dead or alive, and it turns out that all elephant seals share the same male ancestor, which I bet you didn't know. So their gene pool is super tiny and probably fairly predictable, as opposed to Nubian goats, whose genetic pool is so extensive that you can't predict with very much certainty what any particular breeding will produce. Other than it will most likely be a goat.

In the section on human evolution there are a bunch of hairy ape people, and they are naked, not wearing fur underwear like the Flintstones would have you believe.

For lunch we went to Shake Shack. I'm always suspicious of event-type places with lots of merchandise for sale, because it's a good bet that the clothes will be better than the food, and I was right where the burger was concerned. It was lackluster. But the custard! Yum. So smooth.


Then it was off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's a huge labryinth and we kept getting lost. And this will tip you off as to my woeful lack of sophistication, but after an hour or two of seeing amazing stuff that is hundreds and thousands of years old I got museum fatigue and just wanted to be done looking at it.
We ended up in the Picasso exhibition, and you know how when you doodle you might draw a bunch of little circles, or triangles, or flowers, or animals? Well, Picasso was a lot like you, except replace "circles" with "fat prostitutes," and "triangles" with "fat prostitutes," and "flowers" with "fat prostitutes," and "animals" with "fat prostitutes." It was quite a revelation. He really, really liked drawing naked folk. There is a painting of a scrawny nude fellating a bored young Picasso, and there was a guy in front of it taking picture after picture after picture of it with his camera. Hee.


After we finally found the exit we made our way to Kalustyans, which is beyond my powers to describe. It is huge and overflowing and I could bankrupt myself there. I bought some flageolet beans and chocolate layered halvah, which is my new favorite treat. It's sort of like a soft Butterfinger, only made with sesame paste and with the chocolate layered all through the inside.

Then we went to Fishs Eddy and coveted the cake plates, while trying to navigate the tiny aisles with the jogging stroller without breaking anything. Then across the street to ABC Carpet and Home, where I wanted to buy all of the jewelry and linens.

After that we met up with Nate and went to Flor de Mayo for dinner.
I got ropa vieja, which I have always been wary of, because shredded beef is so often done badly, but this was fantastic. All of the food was.
Then Claire and Nate went home while I went shopping at Filene's Basement, because I like clothes. I got a silk blouse to wear with my pencil skirt and a cream and orange-striped ruffled scarf.

The end.


tipsybaker said...

I'm so glad you made it to Kalustyans.
I am jealous of anyone who can wear a pencil skirt.

All8 said...

Is that Half of a Chicken? Wow, I didn't know anyone who could eat that much food, in one sitting, and still fit into a pencil skirt. You Are the Ultimate.

Man with camera, um, Eww. Get a friggin' life.

Layne said...

The chicken was Claire's, and she is one of Those Girls who is tall and willowy despite eating much food.

Sarah said...

So fun! So jealous. So totally want to see your pencil skirt and silk blouse and stripy scarf.

Jill said...

This is fun....I feel like I am on your excellent adventure with you. Except I have no cute new clothes and my stomache is still empty. Although my mouth IS watering.