Wednesday, July 7, 2010

day 6 of my excellent adventure

We certainly didn't want to waste this expensive extra day, so we decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and eat some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It was very, very good. Smooth like custard. And while we were standing in the store eating our ice cream, "Coming to America" came on the radio, and it was a great moment. This will surprise anyone who knows me, but I didn't actually choke up when I heard it--I think I was too preoccupied with the ice cream. Norah liked it a lot, too.
After almost missing the subway entrance we went back home and I got ready to go for reals. I had been warned by my Sunday cab driver to be there multiple hours early, which I did, and even though JFK tried to defeat me by delaying the flight and changing the gate like a million billion times, I was successful.

Parenthetically: I don't think it's a good idea to name airports after beloved public figures. Because of the delays and confusion, it generates a lot of ill will, and I think there is probably a mountainous cloud of bad chi associated with John F. Kennedy from missed flights alone.

I bought a ton of food and magazines and survived the lengthy but calm flight home. We landed in the middle of the night, so I was unable to unfavorably compare Utah's desert with the lush green of New York.

Welcome home, me! Captain America was dang mad that I didn't come home the night before. He wanted to call Delta and tell them to shut up and bring his mom home. He is a good boy.

I FORGOT! We ate breakfast at Good Enough to Eat, and Claire got the waffles, and I was suuuuper boring and got the Wall Street omelet, and it's one of the few omelets not made by me that I have loved that much, and then we traded halfway through (Elaine would be proud), and the orange butter for the waffles was exactly the right thing. Plus they weren't all stingy with the maple syrup like some I could mention. But it was Canadian maple syrup, not Vermont? Why does it use Canadian syrup, precious? All the same, it was a great breakfast, and sustained us for our hot walk across the bridge.


Mom M. said...

Delta bring back memories for me too...curbside wouldn't move his "b... to check us in..enjoyed talking small talk on his phone. We ended up 3 min late..wouldn't book us for two more days..had to rent a car and drive 22 hrs. from Dallas home..haven't flown them since...never did get a refund or voucher. Enjoyed reading your adventure..also listening to John sing in Draper.