Monday, July 12, 2010

I may be a lover but I ain't no dancer

One of our neighbors just got a new puppy. I know this because it barks all the time, and it sounds like it's inside my house. Like it's INSIDE MY HEAD.

There are some exciting goat developments! I think I told you about Appenzell Farm. They had two little bucklings born this spring, which is normally a huge drag. But they were so gorgeous it was just a pity to not pass their genes along. One of them is a beautiful creamy apricot color, and when I think about mixing that with Hazel's tricolor black, it makes me get all crazy with the Mendel. I can't get rid of reddish brown in my herd, so this is a heady tonic. We've worked it out, and one buckling is going to a dairy farmer just south of us, who serendipitously is thinking of adding a goat dairy to his cow operation, and the other one is going to one of the neighbors in our little goat cooperative thing. They will be so happy, and will have plenty of girlfriends. Eee! I'm going to have the prettiest babies!

So, I posted this on youface already, but really, Utah, you people should be ashamed of yourselves for not selling out the Paul McCartney concert. It's embarrassing and I'm going to stop the lecture here before I get all frothy. But I will be there tonight to pay my respects, as Tori aptly put it in the comments a while ago.

This is the last year I will attempt to grow beans in the main garden. It is a fool's errand. Something has eaten all of my squash plants, and now I find myself in the humiliating position of having to beg for zucchini. Truly, pride cometh before the fall.


Tori said...

Have fun. Hopefully he's legally prohibited from playing any of the songs he wrote for Heather Mills. I want a full review!

Jenny said...

My Dad is going tonight too! I can't wait to hear about it!! BTW- we got our puppy(which I will post about later) and he is sooooo cute and I haven't heard him bark yet! Don't you wish we were your neighbors?

highdeekay said...

A woman spoke in my ward Sunday and mentioned that she was offered free tickets for Tuesday night but she turned them down because she is a YW leader and she would have missed YWs. Now that is commitment!

Layne said...

I disagree. That's not commitment, it's just weirdness. I think she just isn't into Paul McCartney, so she automatically loses all credibility. My word. Get a sub, or have YW on a different day.

Now I'm mad again!