Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my heart is like a wheel

I can't even . . . how do I process my emotions? Aside from brown-nosy things I have to say, like getting married and giving birth, last night was among my top life events. Yes, I cried a little bit. It was so overwhelming! Utah came through and sold it out, even though up through Monday there were still tickets available on Rio Tinto's website, which, you know how mad I was about that. Unless you don't listen to the radio, you owe him big for all the music you enjoy. He is a fundamental source for all modern pop and rock music. I am not sorry that we spent upwards of $350 to be there.

P. Mac, as he has asked me to call him, is a terrific performer. So Michael Buble? You can eat it. I can't even remember what he opened with, which is a little embarrassing, but right near the top was "Jet." It's never been a favorite of mine, but it's pretty good live. He has a great stage persona, and because of the accent everything he says is so much funnier than it deserves to be. He's no dummy and name-checked Salt Lake a good handful of times, to make sure the cheering got off to a rowdy start. He dyes his hair, which is troubling. Paul, I love you no matter what, but I would love you even more if you let your hair go grey.

His band was on top of it, and I feel sort of sad about their careers peaking already, but maybe they'll go on to even bigger and better things? Nah. The blonde guitarist looked like Steven Tyler and David Bowie had a baby the same age as them, and the dark-haired guitarist looked like Alice Cooper had a baby with a serial rapist. But back to Paul, who, for a werry old, has still got it. I was amazed at how he could still hit the high notes, and his whistle is really accurate! What other 68-year-old do you know who could do a three-hour concert, singing and whistling and playing all manner of stringed instruments, and not collapse at the end of it or die of a heart attack?

They played a little bit of "Foxy Lady" and he said that when Sgt. Pepper came out on a Friday Jimi Hendrix had it learned by Sunday and opened his show with it. Neat, I guess?

He dedicated "My Love" to the lovers in the audience, and while he was singing it a fight broke out on the floor and the Sandy police had to come and forcibly remove a bleached-blonde giantess. Hee. Alcohol-fueled irony.
You can't see my whorish shoes in any of the pictures, because it was a pretty unflattering outfit on the whole. But I did hear a girl quietly gasp "Cute shoes!" as I walked past. They aren't cute, but it's nice to hear all the same.

Right before "Here Today" he said, "Let's hear it for John," and pointed heavenward. John (my husband) said he was pointing the wrong direction, but I reminded him that Spirit Prison is up there, too. Mormon joke!
We had pretty good seats, and we were certainly closer to the stage than to the back of the stadium.

See how I am kissing him? He's not that into it.

He also talked a little bit about George Harrison, and played "Something" on the ukelele--the one George gave him, even. It was cute. He segued into "Give Peace a Chance" after "A Day in the Life," and I wonder, on a scale from one to ten, how pissed Yoko Ono gets when she hears about something like that. Because we all know that SHE'S the only one who gets to strip-mine John's legacy and sell it to all comers. Pause for hating . . .

The old guy in front of us had his ears plugged for most of the second half, and the lady sitting next to him (unknown to him) kept shoving her butt in his face while she was dancing. He looked miserable, and he should have stayed home.

Oh! When they did "Live and Let Die," he said "in which we're livin'," just like I HAVE BEEN TELLING EVERYBODY ALL ALONG, and the part where it goes BOM BOM all big, there were plumes of fire that shot out of the stage, and fireworks, and John said, "This must be the grand finale," and we laughed at our funny joke.

He did "Blackbird," which was so beautiful, and right at the end he did "Helter Skelter," which I was counting on, and you guys, I loved it so. He is near seventy! And he played "Helter Skelter!" He is the cutest thing and rocks out like anybody's business. I'm so happy I went. John is not the biggest Beatles fan in the world, but Paul is for sure his favorite of the four, and he compared it to when he saw Michael Jordan play. My brain is about to start misfiring in a minute and I'll start drooling with the weight of it all, but it's like watching history. A fantastic and remarkable experience.


tipsybaker said...

I want to see a picture of the shoes.

Tori said...

I know, right, about the energy? My dad is only 67 and he can't watch a whole movie without falling asleep. I'm glad he put on a good show for you. Did he play Maybe I'm Amazed? That was our 1st dance song at our wedding circa the same time it was the first dance song on The O.C. Only I didn't watch The O.C. so I didn't know that...and was embarrassed that someone might think that's where I got the idea.

Layne said...

No "Maybe I'm Amazed," which is a shame. That's a great song. It always makes me think of a roasted pig flying through the air, his ears flapping in the wind.