Saturday, July 31, 2010

sorry about corrupting you

Okay, it has been brought to my attention that many of you had no idea what I was talking about with that t-shirt post, and a good many of you thought I was just being disgusting. Whoops!

It all came from a Facebook acquaintance of John's, who said something about twilight being "the time in a young girl's life when she has to choose between necrophilia and bestiality." Ha! So I thought that since those "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" shirts are so popular, surely people would enjoy it if I cut through all the trappings of decency and called it what it is--hey, I'm not judging, there but for the grace of God go I. You know how I am about Buffy and Angel, and he's a known and admitted repeat philanderer who spends time in the grotto with Hugh Hefner. Nasty.

So, sorry about that. I'm not saying I'm not disgusting, but I wanted you to at least have context. John wanted me to give more context in the first place, but I refused, because I hate it when people assume I won't get a reference. So for those of you who understood my Twilight jab, good job! We are all twelve.


Joe said...

Hey so I anm a friend of Nate's who started reading your blog when you posted pictures of your trip out to NY. I totally understood what you were talking about. Let's all grow up. I thought it was an insightful, although abrupt way, to open people's eyes to what they really participate in.