Thursday, August 19, 2010


The other day I was talking about pickles with a woman I know, and I told her how I had used Bittman's recipe for kosher pickles, which I thought had turned out too salty. So then she recommended a different recipe that has whey in it, and I told her I had seen that recipe but didn't have any whey on hand, so she said to make cheese. With some people you'd think this was useless advice, but in my case it's okay . . . except that it's not at all helpful. If I don't have whey, it's not because I didn't know how to get some. She said it like, "Oh, you probably don't know this, but there is a lot of whey left over after you make cheese. You could make yogurt, too. That has whey in it." I might be projecting inaccurately, but it seemed really weird. And then she was giving me advice about draining the yogurt to make it thicker, and it was sort of like being in a dream where somebody keeps telling you something you already know, but for some reason you can't talk, and they just keep blah blah blah until you finally wake up all frustrated that you couldn't say, "Yeah, I KNOW this already. Give me some new information, like how to get the Jinjo under the pier without Snacker eating me. GOSH."

I think Skiver is dying. He looks like a meth addict. Minus the energy.


highdeekay said...

poor Skiver.

So, I was just thinking that I needed to tell you that if you don't have any eggs, you could go look in the chicken coop because that is where you get eggs (well not from the coop, but from the chickens in the coop), and if the chickens aren't laying eggs, you could always slaughter them and make some chicken stock because chicken stock comes from boiling chickens, but make sure you remove the feathers first, and then you could make chicken soup from the chicken stock and if you want noodles you can make those, you don't have to just buy dried ones from the store, but some people prefer dumplings, and you might not know this but there are fluffy dumplings and more noodle-like dumplings and the thick noodle-like dumplings are more authentic in the South but I prefer the fluffy ones but you could do either, but you might want to use some of the chicken to make a chicken salad and I have a really good recipe that calls for pickles but if you don't have any pickles, you could make them with whey. Oh, and if you don't have whey, you could always make cheese.


Layne said...

Why has no one told me these things?

Man, Heidi. I just laughed so hard.

Sarah said...

Ha! I love conversations like this - they crack me up. And Heidi? You're killer hilarious.