Tuesday, August 17, 2010

form of . . . something way lame!

Hoo, boy. Irrigating was a horrid disaster yesterday.

I got the belt I commissioned from my local boot repairman (what, don't you have one?). It's a double-wrap belt which I have been trying to find everywhere with no luck, even though it exists in plain sight on the internet. So Brother Nicholas made one for me, and it is fetching, and I can't wait until he starts making boots. I want some lace-up high heeled boots, and you can stop talking about my boot fetish right now. It seems, at least according to Endless, that the only people who buy lace-up high heeled boots are Vanderbilts and whores. Gee, I hope I'm a Vanderbilt . . .

Today while we were school shopping I bought a DVD collection of Justice League cartoons for the kids, and I somehow had forgotten how bad it sucks to be the boy Wonder Twin. Talk about disproportionate powers! In one of the episodes Zan (that's his name, I know, gross) made an ice jail to house a creepy lowlife who had picked up a girl who was evidently raised in a cave on Mars, because she was hitchhiking, and then he wouldn't let her go, dur, so the Wonder Twins came to the rescue, as they would for you, and stuck him in the Zan-form-of-ice-jail, but . . . it was at the beach. In California. In the middle of summer. So how did they think that was all going to work out? Why didn't Jayna take on the shape of a T-Rex and carry the perv in her toothful mouth to a real jail? Sheer laziness. I'm sorry, but I expect more from my cartoons than that.


highdeekay said...

the Wonder Twins were my favs (Phil's too).

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the belt...and the Vanderbilt boots.